Cravate Gentleman – Mosaïque


Cravate Gentleman – Mosaïque 18.00

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Cravate Gentleman – Mosaïque

Matériau: Fabric made of Silk
Dimension: 150cm*8cm*3.5cm
Style: Fashion / Gentleman
Type: Cravat

At Peaky Blinders La Boutique, we believe that elegance lies in the details. This gentleman silk cravat is the perfect accessory to complete a chic outfit, in the image of the Peaky Blinders.

Peaky Blinders La Boutique offers a wide range of 100% Silk cravats.

This model is available in several colors, adapting to your wardrobe and your mood. Express your personality and elegance with the collection of men’s cravats from Peaky Blinders La Boutique.